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Three Ways a Summer Semester Can Make Completing Your Online Microbiology Graduate Program Easier

  • Discover How a Summer Semester Can Maximize Your Time, Money and Momentum

    Whether you’re a prospective or current online master’s degree student, taking a top-down look at the upcoming semesters of your graduate program provides essential perspective and insight that will help you plan for your long-term goals. Time, finances and academic momentum are universal concerns for graduate students, and creating a well-organized course schedule that includes summer classes can play a vital role in maximizing the value of your microbiology master’s degree. While you may have grown accustomed to taking a summer vacation as an undergraduate, enrolling in online graduate courses during the summer provides a number of benefits worth foregoing your break for.

    1. Graduate Faster
      Improving your career opportunities is a major incentive for enrolling in an online microbiology master’s degree program. By taking summer courses, you’ll be able to reap these professional benefits as quickly as possible. Completing courses during the summer empowers you to preserve or accelerate your graduation timeline, which means you can complete your online microbiology program and start earning or improving your salary sooner.
      Earning your master’s degree faster can also help you avoid tuition and fee increases — two key financial factors to consider when budgeting for an online master’s degree. This is advantageous for students who plan to pay for their graduate education with student loans, as they will avoid paying additional interest on the increased tuition total. Additionally, the sooner you begin a new job with an increased salary, the faster you’ll be able to pay off your loans.

    2. Distribute Your Course Load
      The ability to complete courses anywhere, at any time is one of the core advantages of an online microbiology master’s degree program. This flexible format gives you the freedom to pursue your degree in your free time while continuing to earn a salary. As a working professional, you can maximize the convenience of this arrangement even further by enrolling in a summer semester.
      By nature, programs comprised of only fall and spring semesters force a heavy course load onto students. With each summer course you complete, you’ll distribute this course load into more manageable segments, allowing you to bypass stress and focus on other academic and personal endeavors. If seasonal fluctuations in your professional workload shift your priorities away from online assignments, enrolling in a summer semester will keep you from feeling overwhelmed by master’s degree coursework during these peak work periods.
    3. Maintain Your Focus
      Time management is an essential and hard-earned tool in an online graduate student’s arsenal. Once you’ve laid the groundwork for an effective daily routine in your fall and spring semesters, skipping a summer semester can deal a damaging blow to your academic momentum. Graduate courses are rigorous, and their material often carries over to subsequent courses, which makes maintaining your level of understanding, focus and academic diligence even more critical. Completing summer semester courses will eliminate the gap in your educational timeline and keep your well-honed study skills intact.
      At the same time a summer semester preserves your valuable study routine, it also allows you to focus more deeply on fewer subjects, and this targeted concentration can improve your GPA. You’ll also be able to expand your academic focus through specialty elective courses that may not be offered in the fall or spring semesters.

    Selecting your graduate courses and the customized schedule within which you’ll complete them requires careful planning and consideration. Although an extended break can be a tempting way to celebrate your accomplishments during the fall and spring semesters, enrolling in a summer graduate semester can produce advantages that last well beyond graduation.

    If you have any questions about UF’s online microbiology master’s degree program, please feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to discuss the program in further detail. You can start the application process today, as our program accepts students year-round.

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