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Why Pursue a Graduate Certificate in Medical Microbiology?

Microbiologists investigate the microscopic world of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites and play a pivotal role in controlling the spread of infectious diseases. To become a microbiologist, aspiring professionals must take extensive coursework in microbiology and, more often than not, pursue a postgraduate degree. Taking the next step on this academic path can be challenging, which is why so many students earn a graduate certificate before taking on a more demanding course of study.

UF’s Department of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology in the College of Medicine is proud to offer an online Graduate Certificate in Medical Microbiology. This 11-credit program features a shorter course of study than our microbiology master’s degree program and provides a convenient way to gain specialized training in preparation for higher-level academic pursuits. Let’s take a look at the benefits of our online program to see how earning a graduate certificate can help you achieve your academic and professional goals.

Form Your Academic Plan

Entirely online and asynchronous, UF’s medical microbiology graduate certificate allows you to complete coursework on your own time, at your own pace and from the location of your choosing. You’ll be able to continue your education without sacrificing your personal or professional responsibilities.

In this flexible certificate program, you can enroll in graduate-level courses without committing to a master’s or doctoral degree program. By pursuing a graduate certificate, you’ll be able to acclimate to online learning, improve your GPA and gain industry-relevant knowledge, all in as little as two semesters. Our graduate certificate is a cost-effective way to ensure that you’re on the right academic path, and it can be your stepping-stone to a prestigious graduate program. For example, all credits earned in this program can be applied to our online microbiology master’s degree program or the affiliated on-campus Master of Science in Medical Science and Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. program.

Gain Foundational Knowledge

Our online graduate certificate program explores infectious pathogens and diseases, in particular the pathogenesis, physiology and mechanisms of replication of bacteria and viruses. Students will find the foundational knowledge imparted in our program invaluable in the pursuit of their academic and professional goals, and our esteemed faculty members are eager to pass on their experience to aspiring professionals. Explore the causes of infectious diseases and their treatments, including vaccines, antibiotics and immunotherapies, and get one step closer to mastering critical microbiology topics.

Explore Medical Microbiology

Throughout the following required courses, graduate certificate students will learn (virtually) alongside master’s degree and Ph.D. students as they watch prerecorded lectures, submit assignments and participate in online discussions:

  1. Infectious Diseases: This course provides an overview of infectious microbes and diseases. Particular emphasis is placed on bacterial pathogens including Salmonella, Staphylococcus and Yersinia pestis (plague) and viral pathogens including influenza, Ebola and SARS and MERS coronaviruses.
  2. Advanced Molecular Virology: Picking up where Infectious Diseases leaves off, this course takes a more detailed look at human pathogenic viruses. Vaccine development, host-pathogen interactions and the relationship between viral evolution and emerging viruses are among the topics covered in this 3-credit course.
  3. One of the following advanced bacteriology courses:
    a. Bacterial Physiology, Antibiotics and Genetics: This course takes an in-depth look at bacterial genetics and physiology, antibiotic discovery and resistance and gene cloning and regulation.
    b. The Microbiome: Throughout this course, students explore microbiomes, communities of microbes in a specific habitat, and their role in their environment.
    c. Probiotics: Providing a conceptual background in microbiology and immunology, Probiotics covers the use of microorganisms to promote the health of humans and animals.

Strengthen Your Resume

Our graduate certificate provides an ideal foundation for students pursuing further graduate and postgraduate study. However, even if you’re not interested in continuing your academic career, our graduate certificate will help you develop your skill set, strengthen your resume and capture the attention of employers. According to Forbes, professionals who earn a graduate certificate can expect their annual salary to increase by 13 to 25%.

Though you’ll likely need to earn a master’s or doctoral degree to significantly advance your career in the field of microbiology or medical science, earning your graduate certificate can bring about swift and positive changes in your professional life by opening the door to new, exciting career opportunities. It can also help you become a competitive candidate in the eyes of admission committees if you do decide to pursue a postgraduate degree. From every angle, our graduate certificate is a sound investment in your future.

Take the Next Step on Your Academic Path at UF

Bacteria, viruses and parasites are so small that hundreds of thousands of them could fit comfortably on the head of a pin, but don’t be fooled by their size. Microbes are responsible for the deadliest and most infectious diseases in existence, and it’s the responsibility of microbiology supervisors, researchers and instructors to control these emerging threats. The STEM fields are in need of highly trained microbiology professionals, many of whom got their start by earning a graduate certificate.

UF’s online Graduate Certificate in Medical Microbiology offers the unique opportunity to complete graduate-level coursework in one of the largest online microbiology programs in the country, minus the need to commit to a demanding postgraduate program. This will allow you to make the most of your time, money and energy while considering the next step on your academic and professional path. Whether you choose to pursue another prestigious UF graduate program or explore your career opportunities, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills imparted by our graduate certificate program.

Take the next step on your career path. Apply to our online medical microbiology graduate certificate program and earn a career-enhancing credential in as little as two semesters.


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