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Microbiology Masters Programs

  • Degree Programs

    The Department of Microbiology and Cell Science offers a number of undergraduate and graduate programs (both traditional and online) through the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences that seek to:

    • Prepare undergraduates for careers in microbiology, or continuation of their education in professional programs such as medical, dental, pharmacy, veterinary or graduate school.
    • Prepare graduates for careers in government, industry, research, and teaching in microbiology, cell biology, cellular biochemistry, and molecular genetics.
    • Encourage students with an interest in research to take advantage of the department’s undergraduate and graduate research opportunities.
    • Empowers students without a microbiology or biochemistry background to transition into the program through a brief introductory track without delaying completion expectancy.

    Introductory Track

    The challenging coursework can be intimidating but not impossible for students with a science background outside of microbiology and biochemistry. UF offers a brief introductory track that empowers students to transition into the program without delaying completion expectancy. Students without experience in biochemistry, organic chemistry, biology, microbiology, or general chemistry should pursue this track to ensure success in the program.

    Online MS Degree in Microbiology and Cell Science with concentration in Medical Microbiology and Biochemistry Quick Links:

    • Click here to learn more about the Master’s Degree
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    • Click here to view admissions requirements and apply now

    Online 2+2 BS Degree in Microbiology and Cell Science

    • Click Here to learn more about the Bachelor of Science Degree

    On-Campus Microbiology and Cell Science M.S. and Ph.D. programs

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