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Course Information

  • In order to graduate, students must complete the following:

    • Required Courses – 20 credits (including 3 credits of module courses)
    • Elective courses – 10 credits minimum at student’s discretion.

    30 credits in total are needed to graduate

    15 of the 30 credits need to be completed in Microbiology and Cell Science course with a MCB, PCB, or BSC prefix.

    Download Course Planning Document

    Required Courses

    These courses must be taken at some point in your education

    MCB 6940 Careers Seminar
    BSC 6459 Fundamentals in Bioinformatics
    BCH 5413 Eukaryotic Molecular Biology and Genetics
    MCB 5252 Microbiology, Immunology, and Basis for Immuno-therapeutics
    MCB 5505 Virology


    (One can count as required and one can count as elective if you take both)

    MCB 5205 Microbiology of Human Pathogens
    GMS 6121 Infectious Diseases


    (One can count as required and one can count as elective if you take both)

    MCB 7922 – Journal Colloquy – Innate Immune System
    GMS 7192 - Journal Colloquy – Infectious Disease

    Introductory Courses (Intro Track students only)

    MCB 6937 Special Topics – Biology of Microorganisms
    GMS 5905 Fundamentals of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

    Elective Courses

    Download Course Planning Document

    MCB 4320C/ MCB 6670C The Microbiome
    MCB 6937 Probiotics
    MCB 6937 Molecular Bioinformatics in UNIX
    MCB 6937 Human Genomics
    MCB 6781 Archaea and Biotechnology
    MCB 6937 Microbial Applications of Synthetic Biology
    MCB 6151 Prokaryotic Diversity
    MCB 6937 Advanced Bacterial Genetics
    MCB 6937 Bacterial Physiology
    MCB 6937 Molecular Genetics
    GMS 6132 Introductory Gene and Immunotherapy (Available Spring 2017)
    PCB 5235 Immunology
    GMS 6108 Advanced Bacteriology (compendium of GMS 6038 Bacterial Genetics and Physiology, GMS 6169 Antimicrobial Strategies, and GMS 6153 Advanced Bacterial Genetics)
    MCB 6937 Post Translational Modifications in Microbiology

    Department Module Courses

    Students must complete at least 3 of these courses in order to graduate. Additional modules can be completed for elective credit. Please note this is more advanced curriculum.

    Download Course Planning Document

    Module Schedule for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018

    Fall Modules

    MCB 6417 Microbial Metabolism and Energetics
    MCB 6317 Molecular Biology of Gene Expression

    Spring Modules

    Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays; 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM

    • (If there is a break after the first period, the class extends to 10:15 AM)

    Room 1054, MCS Building

    MCB 6318 Comparative Microbial Genetics
    MCB 6457 Metabolic Regulation (taught live, synchronously)
    MCB 6772 Advanced Topics in Cell Biology
    MCB 6355 Microbial/Host Defense

    At a Glance

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