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Microbiology & Cell Science

Microbiology & Cell Science

Student Testimonials

Read what students and alumni share about their experience attending the University of Florida Department of Microbiology online graduate programs. 

“It was fabulous. It was so flexible. I would take an exam sometimes at 11 p.m. or 7 a.m. or on my lunch break.”
- Ashleigh Keller |

“I was deployed when I started the degree, so just the fact that I knew I wasn’t going to have to be in person anywhere and I could do it remotely was a big sell.”
- Trent Grabowski |

“This is a great way to enhance your education even without prior biology background from anyplace in the world and at your own pace.”
- Polina Melik-Simonian |

“[Online education] did give me the opportunity to reach out to a major university that I would not have had the opportunity at this stage in my life to go to, to get these kinds of really in-depth courses. This was a good choice for me.”
- Rebekkah Schmidt |

At A Glance

  • $535.00 per credit hour plus fees
Application Procedure
  1. Complete the Application Intent form
  2. Complete the Graduate Application
  3. Send your Transcripts