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Proctored Exams

All exams within our online microbiology graduate programs are proctored to maintain the academic integrity of the department, the university, and the degree or certificate you are earning. You will take all of your exams online, anywhere with internet access. Your professors will establish the exam time and any requirements. The following checklist can help you prepare to use UF’s proctor service:

Technical Requirements

Students are responsible for meeting the following technical requirements:

  • A reliable computer running Windows XP (or higher) or Mac OS X 10 (or higher)
  • A webcam with 640×480 video pixel resolution or higher
  • Headphones or working speakers connected to the computer
  • A working microphone connected to the computer (we recommend a webcam that has a built-in microphone)
  • A web browser with Adobe Flash Player installed (we recommend Flash Player 11)
  • A reliable, high‐speed internet connection
  • The ability to allow video- and screen‐sharing connections to the computer you will be using to take your exam

Your proctoring fee is prepaid, and there are no additional costs to students for using the proctor service. Your advisor and professors will provide detailed information for using the service.

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