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Microbiology & Cell Science

Microbiology & Cell Science

Register for Graduate Courses in Microbiology

To register for courses, please find the program you are enrolled in and click the corresponding link. After your registration request forms are submitted, your advisor will review the request and either register on your behalf or contact you if there is an issue.

Check your email address for advising inquiries.

Students may not register via one.uf

Online Master’s Degree in Microbiology & Cell Science

Online Environmental Microbiology Graduate Certificate

Online Microbiome and Health Graduate Certificate

Online Medical Microbiology Graduate Certificate

Online Non-Degree Courses in Microbiology

At A Glance

  • $535.00 per credit hour plus fees
Application Procedure
  1. Complete the Application Intent form
  2. Complete the Graduate Application
  3. Send your Transcripts