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Microbiology & Cell Science

Microbiology & Cell Science

GMS 6108 Bacterial Physiology, Antibiotics and Genetics


Ideally, students will take GMS 6121 before they take GMS 6108, especially if they have a limited background in Microbiology. However, students who wish to take GMS 6108 BEFORE they complete GMS 6121 can watch four introductory bacteriology lectures to get caught up. Students can complete both courses regardless of the order in which they register.

This course is a compendium of three one-credit courses that are often taught in succession over a semester: GMS 6038 Bacterial Genetics and Physiology, GMS 6153 – Advanced Bacterial Genetics, and 6169 Antimicrobial Strategies.

Course Goals

  • describe differences in cell structure among different classes of bacteria
  • relate how cell structure and composition affect the biology and genetics of the bacteria
  • describe in detail the process of gene expression from transcription to translation to secretion and identify the genetic elements involved with these processes
  • relate chromosomal DNA replication to different models of plasmid DNA replication and use this information to explain the biology and use of representative plasmids
  • describe the life cycles and replication mechanisms of representative bacteriophages
  • creatively use plasmids and phages in manipulation of bacterial genomes
  • describe the regulation of transcription from the most basic paradigms to more complicated models of regulation
  • use models of transcriptional regulation in solving problems of gene expression
  • understand history of antibiotics
  • describe mechanisms of antibiotic action
  • explain acquired and intrinsic resistance mechanisms
  • explain the concept of ancient resistance
  • describe the use of phage as non-conventional therapeutic agent

Library Access

Distance Education and UF Online Students enjoy the same library privileges as on-campus students.

At A Glance

  • $535.00 per credit hour plus fees
Application Procedure
  1. Complete the Application Intent form
  2. Complete the Graduate Application
  3. Send your Transcripts