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Human Genomics

MCB 6937 Human Genomics

Credits: 3
Tuition: $1,605

Syllabus: Click Here


Increasingly, researchers and healthcare providers are mining the genome to uncover the basis of disease susceptibility and treatment. Genome-based strategies are used for the detection, treatment and prevention of many diseases. This course will discuss the field of genomics, how genome sequence data is obtained and analyzed, and most importantly, what can be learned from an individual’s genome. The course will address cutting-edge research in epigenetics, pharmacogenomics, molecular diagnostics, and the microbiome. The course will also include timely topics such as GMO’s, stem cells, genetic testing and genome editing. This course will reinforce fundamental concepts in molecular biology and genetics.

The course will be entirely web-based, and all lectures will be delivered online. The reading assignments, course lecture materials and online activities will be posted each week. There will be a quiz deadline each week over the module’s material. All exams will be proctored. Specific information about exam proctoring procedures will be posted closer to exam time.

Course Goals

  1. To reinforce a solid foundation in molecular biology in order to fully understand how the genome determines traits, including susceptibility to disease
  2. To understand the role of the genome in the development, detection, prevention and treatment of disease
  3. To interpret basic genomics research approaches and outcomes
  4. To appreciate how advances in biotechnology and genomics are personalizing all aspects of medicine including prevention, diagnostics and treatment
  5. To frame and to participate in broader discussions of the ethics and complexities of this era of biotechnology and precision medicine

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