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Journal Colloquy – Astrobiology (spring and fall)

  • MCB 7922 – Journal Colloquy – Astrobiology (spring and fall)

    Credits: 1
    Tuition: $535

    Syllabus: Click Here


    MCB 7922 – Journal Colloquy – Host-Microbe Interactions: spotlight on the squid-vibrio system – For more than 30 years the symbiosis between the bobtail squid Euprymna scolopes and the bioluminescent bacterium Vibrio fischeri has shed light on how microbes communicate with their animal hosts. This symbiosis has provided new insights into the innate immune system, quorum sensing, and understanding the balance between health and disease. This course is an online forum where students will be required to present a primary literature paper on the squid-vibrio system as a written blog where fellow students will comment and ask questions regarding the paper content. The principal goals of this blog-based Journal Club are to: (a) enhance graduate students’ understanding of the current state of knowledge regarding host-microbe interactions; and (b) provide experience in reviewing and critiquing research articles. Each week a different student will lead the discussion by writing a blog that critically evaluates peer-reviewed science articles for subsequent group discussion threads that reinforces the principles of various research approaches and analytical methods. This course will also help students to develop their scientific inquiry and written skill sets.

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