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Post Translational Modifications in Microbiology

MCB 6937 Post Translational Modifications in Microbiology

Credits: 2
Tuition: $1,070

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The overall goal of this class is to enhance student learning in the field of microbiology and to network students with professionals within the scientific community. To this end, the course will take an innovative approach to student learning through interactive group projects. The students will prepare projects that will undergo a scientific review by their class peers and faculty instructors. Projects that pass the scientific review process will be made publicly available through Canvas with the ultimate goal of providing a searchable web portal of post-translational modifications in microbiology. While proteomics and other systems biology approaches have facilitated the identification of a wide variety of novel post-translational modifications, high-throughput data related to these modifications are not well synthesized and readily available to the scientific community (particularly data related to bacteria and archaea). This course will therefore serve as a resource to the scientific community.

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