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Prokaryotic Diversity

MCB 6151 Prokaryotic Diversity

Credits: 3
Tuition: $1,605

Semester: Summer C
Syllabus: Click Here


This course is an introduction to the diversity of Bacteria and Archaea. Discussions will provide a conceptual and historical framework for understanding their:

  1. origin and evolution
  2. morphological, metabolic, and molecular characteristics
  3. genetic and physiological diversity
  4. importance in human/animal/plant health and
  5. roles in elemental cycling

Course Details:

The specific objectives of this course are to expose students to the following topics:

  • Origin, evolution, and genetic diversity of microbial life
  • Physiological diversity of metabolic and bioenergetic pathways
  • Microbial species and speciation
  • Phylogenetic and functional analysis of (meta)genomic data
  • Characterization of uncultivated microbial lineages (microbial “dark matter”) and
  • Linkage between microbial diversity, function, and ecology

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